hills ceremonies

hills ceremonies

‘You hold my hand for a while, but you hold my heart forever’’

Wedding Ceremonies

  • Where To Start

    Marriage is a most personal experience, and relies upon understanding and commitment to ensure that the first step to forever is enjoyable, memorable and shared with those you love the most.

    It can be a loving blend of ritual and tradition that is carefully crafted to meet your needs, or a simple service that reflects your shared beliefs, celebrated with a very private occasion. I ensure that I am professional, ethical and approachable, and adhere to the Code of Practice for Marriage Celebrants as required by the Attorney-General’s Department (Regulation 37L).

    The best way to start your journey is to call or contact me to discuss your personal choice of ceremony and my availability to assist you. I guarantee that you will appreciate the time it takes to make the first step in my direction. An on-line booking form is available to confirm your booking. It outlines the deposit arrangements.

    My experience, expertise and enthusiasm as an Authorised Marriage Celebrant will become obvious as together we explore what is possible. Let your wedding be unique, and guided to your cherished vision with my help and support. I will be able to offer samples of ceremonies, useful material and referral to other sources of practical information to help make your choices and options clear and easy to select. This way there should be - no problems, and no worries.

  • Official Requirements

    Legally within Australia, to be married, there is a requirement to lodge a ‘Notice of Intended Marriage’ (NOIM) no sooner than eighteen (18) months prior to, and no later than one (1) month before the planned wedding date. This Notice must be lodged with me, and while some aspects can be completed in advance,

    I would suggest that it not be witnessed until we meet in person, or if you choose, it may be witnessed by a nominated witness as listed in the NOIM - page 4.

    A copy of the NOIM is available here.

    The following is a recommended information link to the Attorney General’s website: www.ag.gov.au. I will also be able to assist further and answer any questions that you may have when we meet face to face.

    1. Additionally, when we meet to lodge the NOIM, I will need to sight some Photo Identification for each person (e.g. Drivers Licence, Passport or Photo ID), AND
    2. Proof of your date and place of birth (e.g. Birth Certificate or Passport). If you are not sure or need guidance with confirmation of your identity it may be helpful to review: www.humanservices.gov.au/customer/enablers/confirmation-identity
    3. Finally, if either one of you (bride, groom or partner) has been previously married, I will need to see evidence of the Divorce (Divorce Order, or similar), or a Death Certificate (if your former spouse has sadly passed).


    Note: The Attorney General’s Department supports a ‘shortening of time’ under special circumstances (i.e. less than one month’s notice for the NOIM). This requires special application, and approval is not always guaranteed. Happy to review with you if the proposed timeframe causes any concerns. Let’s talk about it.

    *Identical Legal Requirements also apply for marriage of persons living outside Australia, who wish to have their Wedding Ceremony within Australia, and is applicable to either one party or both parties to the intended marriage.

  • Planning Ahead

    We all make plans, and link those special visions to our dreams. I will provide you with a simple, but effective, questionnaire that will give me an insight as to who you are, how you met, and how ‘right’ you feel the other person is for you. Simple statements that help me to better understand each person’s character, presence and feelings.

    These are the key elements to a wonderful experience and a lasting memory.

    This will be blended into the ‘draft’ for your ceremony. The draft can be reviewed and changed, but represents the foundation of the celebration in the hearts and souls of each participant. A ‘sample’ ceremony will be made available for your review, and as a guide at the time of booking.

  • Finishing Touches

    As with all the plans, legals and ceremony inclusions, it is recommended to have a review.

    Rehearsals provide the review opportunity to make sure that you are comfortable with the ‘flow of the Wedding’, and that those closely involved have the chance to also become familiar with your expectations for the actual day. To these loved ones their inclusion is just as important as ‘your day’. I recommend a rehearsal, as it offers support, and creates the key link to a perfect ceremony on the actual Wedding Day.

    This is best done at the actual venue, but sometimes location constraints (established venue bookings or times) may not permit this, and another suitable location can always assist. It is more about getting everyone together, practice their involvement (readings, positioning, etc.) and ensuring that all elements are ready for ‘the main event’. The advantages to the whole ‘Wedding group’ remain the catalyst that unites all participants, and settles any uncertainties or nerves not always noticed.

    The rehearsal is generally recommended two weeks before the actual wedding date – not too soon and not too late. I will always work with you, and support your requests.

    Note: I always suggest that marrying couples have a ‘wet weather’ contingency in the event unforeseen changes. It is also important to relay any last-minute changes to me as your Celebrant – this will provide the best Ceremony.

  • Personal Moments

    With the actual Wedding date approaching, it is important to understand that the Wedding Day is ‘all about you and your partner’. Take time to reflect on each other without restrictions, and together we can ensure that everything goes to plan. I will guarantee that I am in attendance at your selected venue on the day at least one (1) hour before the Wedding Ceremony is due to commence. This will allow me time to make sure all plans are in place as discussed and confirmed, and confer with those present as necessary.

    Your Vows also become Personal Moments, and I help you to express in words the true feelings that unite you in ceremony before loved ones, friends and witnesses.

    Essentially, a set format of vows is also required under the Marriage Act 1961, and these must be said by both parties to marriage separately (wife, husband, spouse or partner in marriage), and in a prescribed format. I also encourage each party to the Marriage to include personal and sincere vows that help to seal the affirmation of love for all present to witness.

    I can help with this and blend your words into your moments. This is one of the most special parts of ‘your’ Ceremony.

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