hills ceremonies

hills ceremonies

‘Where there is a moment, there is always present the chance to link people, places and memories’

Special Ceremonies

Just as we are each individual, so too special celebrations and unique ceremonies should reflect the distinct difference that makes us all special in so many ways in the eyes and ears of the world around us.

Let me blend a Ceremony with you that will reflect these moments, so that in celebration, loved ones, family members and friends will always cherish the times shared together, and signify an occasion that did not pass without a time to remember.

These can include:

  • Graduation Ceremonies - to mark the achievement of obtaining a notable life skill.
  • Milestone Birthdays - in recognition of a birthday that should be remembered.
  • Achievement Ceremonies – to express pride in a success that should be shared.
  • Friendship Ceremonies - to celebrate a life-long common bond between friends.
  • Divorce Ceremonies – to recognise that life and partners can constantly change.
  • Pet Remembrance Ceremonies – to reflect on the simple joy that a pet gave us.
  • Boat Launching Ceremonies - From Dinghy and Sailing Boats to Ocean Liners.
  • New Home Ceremonies - home sweet home - the reassuring celebration of a new start.
  • Life Occasions of special significance – any moment that has the essence to recall.

Please contact me to discuss your ideas, and how I may be of assistance.