hills ceremonies

hills ceremonies

‘To give someone a name, is only the start of their life long story’

Name Giving Ceremonies

From the time that we are born there is no such other special celebration as to the Giving of a Name, especially as parents publicly acknowledge a new arrival to their household.

Sometimes the anxiety of raising a child within a sphere of set religious boundaries may seem too daunting, and become a lifelong commitment always subject to change as the child grows into adulthood, and sets their own life direction.

Name Giving Ceremonies have increasingly become an alternative to religious christening ceremonies for babies and very young children. These special ceremonies provide parents with the opportunity and lasting memory to formally celebrate the birth of a child with family, loved ones and friends. Always special – always memorable.

As an authorised Marriage Celebrant allow me to assist you with the celebration of a Name Giving. These special family ceremonies may include a wide range of poems, family heritage links and selected readings.

Together we will write a ceremony for your child. You will receive a ‘Certificate of Name Giving’, and any other person who performs an active role in the Ceremony will also be presented with a keepsake Certificate.

While the name of a child is traditionally chosen close to the time of birth, the public acknowledgement of that name (Name Giving Ceremony) does not place any legal responsibility on the guardians or godparents.

The Legal provisions usually made by the parents will cover these long-lasting intentions.