hills ceremonies

hills ceremonies

‘Be happy with the change you make, for in that moment lives the rest of your life’

Commitment Ceremonies

We all know that generally our lives are about knowing, sharing and loving, and commit to many different expectations in the presence of others.

A commitment ceremony is often similar in content and context to many other kinds of weddings. The main difference is that rather than being a legally binding ceremony, it is simply a public affirmation of a couple’s commitment to one another. It is not a legal marriage.

There are many reasons that committed people don't get legally married. This can range from accepted relationship boundaries, to just not being comfortable with the concept of legal marriage. The choice is personal, and is to be respected always. I will do that for you.

As a Commitment Ceremony is a public affirmation between two people, it presents an opportunity for two people to show their family and friends the love and commitment they have for each other as supported by Vows, readings, exchange of rings, pronouncement of commitment, and followed by a reception, be it traditional, formal or relaxed, informal or unstructured.

Like any other ceremony, it can also include children and/or grandchildren as well as family and friends, giving each of them the pleasing opportunity to participate in the ceremony.

A Commemorative Certificate is provided as your special keepsake, and copies may be obtained.