hills ceremonies

hills ceremonies

‘Appreciation is a wonderful thing. It makes what is admirable in others shared with everyone we know’
The simple gesture of saying ‘Thank You’ or ‘I appreciate your efforts’ can often be overlooked in the much bigger picture of life. I have always been fortunate that others have genuinely been thankful of my professional and personal efforts, for these have become my trademarks of reputation, integrity and ethics.


Rob – thank you for turning our special day into a ceremony that we will cherish forever. The event was magnificent and the comments from loved ones, friends and guests made us realise just how professional you were and just how important you made each one of them feel from the very beginning.

Wedding MC

Wow, what a day to remember. Life doesn’t get much better than this. Your added touches, words and support made the impossible real, and helped us to tie the knot in style.

60th Birthday

You came to us highly recommended, and a person capable of supporting the needs of my family, while understanding the unique mix of people who joined us to celebrate Wayne’s 60th Birthday. You did not disappoint, and your noticeable warmth around people made sure that everyone in the room took home their own special memories.

Celebration of Life Ceremony

Robert, thank you so much for being you. It was a shame that you never got to meet dad while he was alive, but your words at his service managed to capture his life in so many different moments. While his passing was sad, you managed to reflect on a life of love, laughter and loads of cherished things that made him ‘our dad’. Never change who you are.

Name Giving Ceremony

Moments like these don’t just happen, but with your guidance and natural skills, we gave our daughter Ariah some cherished moments that she will have for a lifetime. We don’t know how you did it, but everyone was so involved with the ceremony. You made it so typical ‘us’. So calm, so respectful and so full of your welcoming presence. Qualities we hope Ariah will carry with her in the many years ahead.

Friends for Life Ceremony

Hi Robert, just a brief note of appreciation. The idea of celebrating our golden years together in one big event seemed crazy, until we added one special ingredient – you. Thank you for your time, patience and understanding with us oldies. We thought it would be a good idea to jointly celebrate one important birthday together – you made that good idea, a great idea. How lucky we were to find you.

Renewal of Vows Ceremony

For over 60 years we have enjoyed each other’s company, and never thought that such a beautiful and simple ceremony could ever mean so much to our family and friends. Happily married again, thanks Rob. We live in hope of many more anniversaries to come, but the ceremony you gave us is a gift to be cherished.

Achievement Ceremony

Thanks heaps Rob. My folks were stoked with the party, my mates were there to enjoy the night, and you added the special touches and perfect words to help celebrate my Graduation. Still ROFL. Everyone was so happy - keep in touch
Harbour Wedding
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‘A life moment is discovering who you are - the future moment is to be happy with the person you find’